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Re: Staff Application Center (Closed)
« on: August 14, 2014, 08:03:32 am »
InGame Informations :
1.Your InGame NickName : Warstar
2.Your InGame Account name : warstar
3.Your InGame Serial : 668167B92D5F1A2D932DFAD008532404
4.Whats Our Community Name : Ali Tarabeh
Personnel Info :
5.Whats Your Real Name : Ali
6.Your English skills (""/20) :  18/20
7.Your TimeZone : +3
8.Your Country of residence : IL-Israel
9.Tell us about your real life (70+Words) :
More Informations :
10.How is your CIT life (50 Words) : im a palestinian boy that lives in israel, im arabic, I got two sisters and I got no brothers, im a kickboxer , I spend the most of my time training to because a world champion, like muhammad ali or mike tyson, also I won a few israel kickboxing championships but im still 17 years old so I think  I have a bright future in this sport and I was a football player but I got injored and my leg got broken so I stopped football playing because it made me torture for about 10 months, I also love to study and get high grades in school and make my parents proud in me in everything I also spend I big part of my time playing MTA CIT, I love making friendships with people I dont know and I love to be popular and famous everywhere and im not racist I respect all the people no matter how they look or where are they from.
11.Why you want to join the staff team (50 words) : i want join staff team to be famous player in CIT 3 and in MTA , i want join staff team in CIT 3 cuc i's a great server and i will work hard to make cit3 better server  and i want join staff team to stay with my brothers Faris Etc... i will this server and i will stay withthis server i will tell  all my friendsto join this server and soon this server will be better server
12.Tell us how much your experienced with the staff tools ("/100) : 90\100
13.Did you got admin rank in any other server?(yes/no)(Don't say server name) : admin Level 3
14.How much time you play per week :  120h
15.Tell us the some of the Moderator Tools(Minimum 4 of them)  : Ban, Mute, Kick, jail,Freeze and Etc...

16.You enjoy playing our Community "CIT" (%) : yes
Screen Shots Of Your Info
17.SS of your punishlog (soon) :
18.SS of TAB (Hold Tab and F12) :  --- i know i dont  have 30 hour but iwill get it soon .
More Questions(Yes/No) :
19.You will respect our community rules : yes
20.You will abuse your staff or admin tools if you got accepted :  no
21.You will spam the topic whatever you got any decision :  no
22.You will wait until the staff team decide about you : yes
23.Anything more to say : i want to tell all my friend and my brother aboutthis server and to join this server , and i dont have 30H i will get it soon cuz iwill sty all time in this server
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