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« on: August 13, 2014, 04:45:46 am »
InGame Informations :
1.Your InGame NickName :Hamada
2.Your InGame Account name :bigshow21
3.Your InGame Serial :D4D8F29B940563E5DCB264B1EB0CB5B3
4.Whats Our Community Name :Cit3
Personnel Info :
5.Whats Your Real Name :mohamed
6.Your English skills (""/20) : 19
7.Your TimeZone :GMT+2
8.Your Country of residence :egypt
9.Tell us about your real life (70+Words) : Hello.. ,my real name is mohamed ,I was born in  ,My school is m.m.l.s that in alexandria.I am 12 years old ,I haveone sister,My favorite hobbies  IS swimming and playing basketball as I meet my friend each weekend as usual and go to any place like shoping , any party or any thing... just spend any nice time ,Well I play on my computer for maybe 2 hour each day and some times I can't do that ;If there is any problem ,I really love my life and I wish to not be change.
More Informations :
10.How is your CIT life (50 Words) : I think ,I started playing this server, I felt crestfallen. But I feel very happy, to see an old friend. Name he is F@RIS, That is a very good friend to me, helped me understand the server cit3
11.Why you want to join the staff team (50 words) : I would like to be a member of CIT staff because I would like to contribute my knowledge and skills to the community. I find it interesting to help players as I know how I started and how people feel when coming to CIT for the first time. I think that by becoming a CIT staff, my journey on CIT would be fulfilled. I would like to fight against people whose goal is to destroy fun with dming, shouting and making players around him to feel uncomfortable. I would like to help to prevent any kind of abuse, exploit or misbehaviour of players.
  What I hear, I forget, what I see, I remember, what I do, I understand. I will take responsibility for it at any cost and nothing else matters.
12.Tell us how much your experienced with the staff tools ("/100) :79/100
13.Did you got admin rank in any other server?(yes/no)(Don't say server name) : yes
14.How much time you play per week :  4 or 6
15.Tell us the some of the Moderator Tools(Minimum 4 of them)  : Ban, Mute, Kick, Freeze and Etc
16.You enjoy playing our Community "CIT" (%) : yes
Screen Shots Of Your Info :
17.SS of your punishlog (soon) :
18.SS of TAB (Hold Tab and F12) :
More Questions(Yes/No) :
19.You will respect our community rules : yes
20.You will abuse your staff or admin tools if you got accepted : no
21.You will spam the topic whatever you got any decision : no
22.You will wait until the staff team decide about you : yes
23.Anything more to say :no

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