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Ingame Rules.
« on: August 09, 2014, 05:07:28 am »

( Server Rules )

Dont Broke anyrule or get Punish.

Note: Some rules have been removed which is why there are missing numbers and the rule IDs can't change without affecting our auto punishment for repeat offending system.

1# Deathmatching this when someone kill without wanted level and this is unacceptable from this server .

2# Listen to server staff. - Server staff can be identified by a [CIT] tag and are here to help players.{F@R!S,StaffTeam}

3# Do not annoy staff members, do not stand near them and do not honk at them. Do not send blatantly invalid reports like "DM" in LV or at a criminal event. If you do this by accident you can delete the report, else face punishment.

4# Do not cheat, exploit bugs or scam players - Cheating is defined as an unfair advantage. Hosting car shows where entrants must pay is forbidden. Do not rush into the hit warehouse with a vehicle.

7# Do not purposefully evade ingame situations or admins by disconnecting.

6# Do not spam, complain about lag, ask for the hijack to be recovered, post quick stats, or advertise outside of F10 {Car shows and events do not count}. - Press J if you need to contact an admin. All admins start with [CIT]

7# Do not request an unfair advantage from a member of staff. Do not request 'group job' from an official group.

8# Play nice. Don't troll, don't grief, don't attack/kill for no reason, don't impersonate, don't create another group with the intention of impersonating or annoying another group. Only use a group tag if the group says you can. Laughing at someone else's punishment or saying GJ <groupname> after their members have been punished is trolling. Do not kill cops in their bases you can only attack cops before a criminal event starts if you're inside the criminal event area.  Do not turf from high unreachable roofs.

9# Don't use a stupid, spammy or unacceptable name. For example the name 11111111 is stupid, use something that's actually a word!

10# CIT is a politics and religion free zone, keep real life arguments out of CIT!

11# Selling accounts, arrests, or anything else that isn't a guaranteed transfer is not permitted and if a player scams you that is your fault for breaking this rule. Selling ingame money/VIP/etc for real life money via PayPal is prohibited.

12# Do not flame / insult / offend people. Don't do it, ever.

13# Speak English only in main and team chat.

14# Do not misuse the CIT support chat. "Misuse" can mean the following: spamming, flooding, non-english, advertising, flaming, trolling, warning players {especially saying "English please"}, repeating a question more than once although it was already answered, repeating an answer that has already been stated at least around 6 seconds ago, asking a not CIT server related question and anything else that is not "asking a CIT server related question" or "answering a question".

15# Conduct yourself. - DRIVE ON THE RIGHT, Do not do stupid things which affect other players like standing in a road, parking in the road, landing aircraft in the road or drive into people and anything else which can negatively impact other players. Also try to act like your job so if you're a cop you shouldn't be randomly shooting. Do not block other players.

16# If you have access to deploy a barrier, they must not be placed some where that will block players, this especially applies to tents which must only be placed in an open area. Barriers are intended to provided cover, not block players.

[All this Rules Made by F@R!S,ANTONHS ,Staff team,Shehab,BoDy.]
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