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Staff application / Re: .Instagram? Staff Application
« on: August 11, 2014, 04:54:36 pm »
U Sayed 50+

Staff application / .Instagram? Staff Application
« on: August 11, 2014, 04:32:19 pm »
InGame Informations :
1.Your InGame NickName : .Instagram?
2.Your InGame Account name : zax2010
3.Your InGame Serial : 145162D1548427E46F95B4E7FE001D62
4.Whats Our Community Name : CIT3
Personnel Info :
5.Whats Your Real Name :Omar Sameh
6.Your English skills (""/20) :19/20
7.Your TimeZone :GMT+2
8.Your Country of residence : Egypt
9.Tell us about your real life (70+Words) :My name Is Omar Sameh Me Is In A English School In Egypt Me Want be Admin Because I  Like Server CIT3 And Be Helper And Supporter And I Like MTA I Played it Since 3 years My brother Friend Give It To Me And I like it And i played Alot Servers i turfed In And Be Admin And Alot And I Dreamt Of I be Staff In CIT3 And Your Forum Is Good And My Dream To Make Cit3 The Top Server On MTA Servers Menu And i Will Make It With My Effort And With Helping People Get Players And Get My FriendsTo Play With Me And Make it the Top And All Staffs Are Honest And help Full
More Informations :
10.How is your CIT life (50 Words) : Me Working As A Armed Forces And Like Armed Forces And I Will never left It because it Is A Law group i Like Law Groups Like Miltary And Navy Seals And Governemnt Agency .ETC And Dreamt Be Leader Of Those Group And Like Making New Groups With Base And Job For it
11.Why you want to join the staff team (50 words) : because Me Want To Help People And Players Like Me And Sayed Thats Me Is Helpful And That Words Reach All Server And That I Dreamt Of To Make CIT3 be The Top At All Servers And Must CIT Be The Top Because It Have All Scripts It Needed And Will be the Top With My Help And Players Help
12.Tell us how much your experienced with the staff tools ("/100) : 97/100
13.Did you got admin rank in any other server?(yes/no)(Don't say server name) : yes
14.How much time you play per week : 82 Hours
15.Tell us the some of the Moderator Tools(Minimum 4 of them)  : Admin Panel , Give Car ,  Set health , Set Armour , Give Car
16.You enjoy playing our Community "CIT" (%) : Yes, Thats Really And Never Left CIT
Screen Shots Of Your Info :
17.SS of your punishlog (soon) : U Sayed Soon :c
18.SS of TAB (Hold Tab and F12) :
More Questions(Yes/No) :
19.You will respect our community rules : Yes, I Respect
20.You will abuse your staff or admin tools if you got accepted : No
21.You will spam the topic whatever you got any decision : No
22.You will wait until the staff team decide about you : Yes
23.Anything more to say : No Thanks

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