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Forum Rules .
« on: August 09, 2014, 03:30:05 am »

( Forum  Rules )

1. Use your brain, if you don't have one don't post on this forum.
2. Do not post false, incorrect or dishonest information.
3. Do not post illegal content or link to illegal content including copyright infringing content.
4. Do not insult or be nasty to people.
5. Do not post or link to pornographic, disgusting or generally not appropriate content.
6. Do not make purposeless, not worth reading, non-constructive or off-topic posts.
7. Post new topics in the right board, look through the board list before posting.
8. Do not act trollish. This includes posting text or images with stuff like "trololololol" especially all these people who think it's cool to have "trololol" or "u mad?" in your avatar or signature. It's not cool, it's childish and promoting "trolling" which is of course not permitted here. Posting something like a screamer intended to scare people will result in a permanent ban. Posting offtopic replies only to provoke or **** off other forum users will get you punished.
9. Do not post things that have already been posted.
10. Impersonating another individual or attaching "Junior" or "Senior" to your name is not allowed.
11. Do not request a forum status, they will be given when an administrator believes you deserve it.
12. Do not use large images or text in your signature or annoying images in your avatar or signature. To avoid breaking this rule do not use dynamic images (things that don't end with .jpg .png etc) Do not have so much stuff in your signature that the height is unreasonable for example having multiple small images and multiple lines of text would be too much height unless you had the sense to put them on the same line. Misuse of spoilers in your signature for example spoilers inside spoilers or empty spoilers is not permitted.
13. Posting in a topic which hasn't been posted in for over 1 month without saying something important will result in post deletion and forum warning.
14. Names must be appropriate and an actual name. For example using a full stop as a name will be considered trolling and result in ban. Names must only contain English alphabetical, numerical or standard keyboard characters.
15. Do not post blatantly invalid admin complaints.
16. Do not try to waste our time with pathetic things like wanting mutes removed from your punish log.
17. Do not post in appeals you're not involved in
18. Do not PM staff members about bans, irrelevancies or anything else they don't want in their inbox.
19. Do not post in the development board unless you are making a constructive/useful reply.
20. When posting a ban appeal use the correct format
21. The "general discussion" board is for things that don't fit into any of the other boards
22. Do not double post (2+ of your posts in a row) If you want to quote 2 people you can do that by going down the page to the list of last posts and clicking quote. Or edit your first reply.
23. Do not constantly change your identity to prevent people from knowing who you are.
24. CIT is a politics and religion free zone, keep real life arguments out of CIT!
25. Do not request locks for topics you did not make or anything that a moderator can do (also known as back-seat moderating).
26. Server development topics must be original, not already posted and explain the suggestion thoroughly.
27. Forum account sharing is not allowed. Doing so will result in the account being banned.
28. Do not copy content on our forum to any other forum without permission from the original poster.
29. When posting in the forum chat box do not post anything against the above rules that also includes racism, non-English and any other inappropriate content. Do not complain about being disconnected or being unable to connect to the server.
30. Do not apply for a community rank if you do not meet the minimum post requirements and also do not lie in your application.
31. Asking somebody to vote in a certain way in a topic or post undermines democracy and is forbidden. You cannot have a link to a suggestion, or something that can be voted on, as part of your signature.
32. Giving stupid answers in support board like "format your PC" is stupid and will not be tolerated.
33. Posting a topic in a committee board which doesn't meet the posting guidelines or is an insult to a developer who spends their time making something and then if you're an ungrateful idiot who doesn't even understand what you're talking about, will get you warned. Do not post things for people who do not have access to posting topics themselves.
34. Saying that you've "tested and confirmed" a bug and then it turns out you didn't, because the bug isn't even valid, you will get warned.
35. Registering another forum account when you first one was muted or banned will result in a permanent ban on both accounts.
36. Avatars or signatures that use an animated GIF, and that GIF movement is significant enough to cause annoyance or distraction to anybody who is trying to read stuff, but can't because somebody has an annoying avatar or signature which is constantly moving next to what they're trying to read. You will get warned and the image will be removed.
37. Registering a forum account via a proxy or using a temporary email account will be assumed as attempted ban evasion or registering with malicious intent and will result in a permanent ban when an administrator processes your registration attempt.
38. When we are processing your forum registration attempt and another forum account has been used recently from the same IP address, probably because you're trying to create multiple identities for yourself, you will be treated with extreme prejudice which means you will probably end up banned, your account registration will be delayed and probably rejected.
39. Questions posted in the "General Support / Questions" MUST BE ABOUT CIT. If you want to make a server, buy a website or anything that has nothing to do with CIT, DO NOT ASK FOR HELP IN THIS BOARD.
40. Starting fights in complaints while you are NOT one of the complained players neither the complainer will be considered as an attempt to waste staff members' time.

What happens if I get muted?
You become muted if your warning level goes over 70%. Warning levels go down by 1% every day and when it goes below 70% again you will be able to post again.
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